Sapo verde a mi hermano! Este hombre me a enseñado que nadie importa más que la familia. El me ayuda cuando lo necesito. Me da buen consejos cuando más lo necesito. Y me ama siempre. Es el mejor hermano en el mundo y le doy gracias a dios que es mío! Te quiero muchísimo hermano! Ps this is hands down my favorite picture of us. @ycxxi

Moon Child.

Sleeping Beauty in the flesh! 😘😉 @selena_reyes8

Sun and Moon.

This beautiful little gem of mine is finally 21 y’all! Happy happy birthday to one of my closest homegirls for almost a decade now! Whoa does time fly! I have watched this girl go through all her ups and downs and cannot believe how strong she has come to be. She has helped me through some of my roughest patches in life. Even though we got disconnected a little throughout the years our friendship has blossomed into something absolutely amazing. She’s the best rave buddy I could ever ask for and don’t even get me started on how talented she is. I love you long time doll! 😍😘💖💞


Bad mamcita, ain’t no mediocre.

Happy National Lipstick Day.


Bathroom Selfie

Oh high school! @selena_reyes8 😘👯

Mama and Papa Reyes: Unfortunately our ever so beautiful  Selena has yet to wake up from surgery. The doctors have recommended talking to her so please please give her a text or write on her Facebook so her parents can read it out loud to her! Lets keep the good energy and love directed to her and her wonderful family! ❤💛💚💙💜💗

Per Request of Mama Reyes: Please keep Sel in your prayers and send the Reyes’ your love. We all know how much of a fighter this firecracker is so let’s keep the positive vibes going. We all love you so very much baby girl! 😍😘👯💘 @selena_reyes8

James Rodriguez. 😍