Per Request of Mama Reyes: Please keep Sel in your prayers and send the Reyes’ your love. We all know how much of a fighter this firecracker is so let’s keep the positive vibes going. We all love you so very much baby girl! 😍😘👯💘 @selena_reyes8

James Rodriguez. 😍


Chuchito. Siempre estoy pensando en ti. Llenas mi corazón con risa, felicidad, y amor.

Black is poetic.


Last Night. 😍🌜🍹

No filta for ya.


Reminder: I’m powerful and I control it. Needed this.

Much needed reunion @selena_reyes8 😘

Happy 4th of July y’all!

Woman Crush Since Day 1. @dusicaurora310

In case you forgot I was #japanese

Sometimes I get extra fancy for work.